Exclusive manufaction process

"Open mould technology"

Schonlau-FERROCAST® cast iron slats are being manufactured in the worldwide unique "open mould technology". Slat for slat is unique. Schonlau FERROCAST® cast iron slats do not show any sharp fins or edges between bars. So any deburring of sharp fins or edges is unnecessary. This way an animal friendly cast iron slat is born.

Own mould construction
Continuously Schonlau engineers construct new cast iron slats in order to fulfil increasing requirements of modern animal husbandry. The typical Schonlau woven textured surface assures a maximum of traction through roundly shaped bars.

"Open mould technology"
The worldwide unique "open mould technology" guarantees absolute "fin-free" FERROCAST® cast iron slats. The red-hot glowing FERROCAST® cast iron just pours in "open" sand mould frames.

Casting process
Each cast iron slat is manufactured individually under visual control. By the use of  FERROCAST® cast iron Schonlau cast iron slats achieve the well known outstanding quality.

Only the "open mould technology" avoids any flashes or fins between cast iron bars due to the absence of a top mould frame.

FERROCAST® cast iron slats cool down until they reach room temperature. Finally slats are taken out of the mould frame and then they are sandblasted. Grinding of flashes, fins or any further sharp edges is not necessary. The natural roundly shaped bars assure outstanding foothold and avoid injuries.

Dipping bath
For the last "finish" the slat passes a coating layer. The dipping colour provides excellent protection against corrosion.

Strict examination
Regularly FERROCAST® cast iron slats are being examined up to a load of 1100 kg in representative random sample tests acc. to DIN 11848. Thereby FERROCAST® show an exceptional elasticity on mechanical pressure – but only FERROCAST® slats immediately regains its previous even shape – in opposite to ductile (nodular) cast iron slats.


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